Lavender cover give a person a subtle feeling

Lavender cover, give a person a subtle feeling. A blue dress with a white shirt is a very common look. If can wear an elegant lavender small coat, will add a few minutes of mature city flavor. Wearing a mauve sweater and a dark blue skirt, even without a fancy design, it can show a mature flavor in nature.
Green itself is difficult to match with other colors. With the kind of light green, is very popular in addition to with white, is not easy to find a better match. If the light green with red. Underwear color collocation dark coat: to choose a similar color or the color of underwear: in many formal occasions, black, dark green, purplish blue, purple, dark coffee, dark red, violet color is very serious and very pretty colors. At this time underwear chooses black, dark blue, coffee, big red, rose violet is appropriate, underwear, socks, pajamas, slippers also can. A lingerie store is a dream for many young women who love beauty. Indeed, it is a delight to face so many colorful and beautiful underwear every day. What’s more, underwear is a combination of fashion and fashion. The underwear store, in the last two years development speed special quick

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