Blue skirt that reachs knee is tie-in

Blue skirt that reachs knee is tie-in, again with white shirt, white socks, white shoe ornament can give a kind of airy charm breath.
A blue coat with a gray pleated skirt is a slightly conservative combination, but the combination of this combination, with a wine shirt and a stocking, reveals a personality and becomes apparent.
Dressed in a blue coat and a blue vest, and a pair of grey trousers with pinstripes, it presents a simple and elegant style. Because, popular fine stripe can downy the strong contrast between blue ash, add elegant temperament.
Both sides of the waist are accompanied by a string to tie up, this kind of underwear is bold, hot and spicy, suitable for all kinds of body type women wear. And just untangling one side of the rope is enough to stimulate it. The quality of the quality in the lace is mainly translucent, and the surrounding lace is a typical representative of the romantic

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